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Wire and Fencing Supplies

  • Galvanized Steel Wire

    Galvanized Steel Wire

    Used to suspend mainlines. High carbon galvanized steel wire. 12.5 gauge - will stand up to 1500 lbs before stretching. 14 gauge - Side Tie Wire. Spooler included.

  • Cable Grip Tubing Puller Cable Grip Tubing Puller

    Cable Grip Tubing Puller

    Push to expand and slip over mainline, then pull and the honeycomb weave tightens up over the mainline so you can pull, stretch and secure it easier. Available for five sizes of pipe.

    $17.95 - $56.95
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  • High-Tensile Wire Cutters High-Tensile Wire Cutters

    High-Tensile Wire Cutters

    You need a solid wire cutting tool when you are out on those frosty mornings in the sugarbush, hanging or repairing wire and lines. This is that tool. Bright yellow handle makes it easy to find in your kit.

  • Gripple


    For use in making a secure end loop in mainline support wire. Simply insert wire through holes and the spring clamps will do the rest, connecting the wire ends. Perfect tool for mailine installations in a wet and dry system (no tools required for...

    $2.00 - $3.15
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  • Lag Bolt with Insulator

    Lag Bolt with Insulator

    The Lag Bolt with Insulator (also known as Lag Corner) is a plastic insulator mounted to a lag screw bent into an L shape. The donut insulator can act as a pulley for electric rope, twine or ribbon at corners.Ideal for high-tensile wire, coated wire, or...

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  • Wire Tensioning Device

    Wire Tensioning Device

    Wire tensioner designed to maintain tension thoughout woods. Rigid construction and durable tension wheel. Use with wire tensioning handle.   Can be used with 9- or 12.5-gauge wire. Tension should be lessened off after the season. Vertical slats...

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  • Automatic Wire Tying Tool Automatic Wire Tying Tool

    Automatic Wire Tying Tool

    The Blitz automatic wire tying tool makes quick work of tying mainline. Just bring the two loops of the wire tie together under the mainline, insert the hook and pull down with the tool.   All aluminum construction holds up in the harshest of...

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  • Hand Tying Tool for Wire Ties Hand Tying Tool for Wire Ties

    Hand Tying Tool for Wire Ties

    Use the Hand Tying Tool for twisting the wire ties tight around the pipe.   For 17-gauge wire ties.   Poly handle stands up to tough conditions. Steel hook swivels freely inside handle.

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