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3/16" Tubing and Fittings

Here is our current offering for tubing, fittings, spouts and tools for installing and maintaining 3/16" tubing systems. Check back often for new items!
  • Leader Clear Check Valve Spout

    Leader Clear Check Valve Spouts

    The Future of Tapping is Here. Our Clear Check Valve Spout has everything the efficient producer needs: check valve technology, plus the visual benefits of clear, polycarbonate material. Available in both 3/16" and 5/16" sizes. The Leader Check Valve...

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  • Leader Max Flow 50 Leader Max Flow 50

    Leader Max Flow 50 3/16" Tubing

    This is a new tubing blend with superior seal strength for the greatest hold on fittings. Enhanced flexibility and retraction memory maintains the tubing's diameter and durability in even the harshest of winter conditions. Can be used as lateral line or...

  • Hook Connector for 3/16

    Hooked Connector 3/16"

    This 3/16" connector with hook is designed for use at the mainline, hooking tubing to the mainline support wire so that the tension of the 3/16" lateral line tubing is well-supported. It also relieves tension that may be caused by mainline entrance...

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  • End hook for poly tubing

    Leader 3/16" End Hook

    This strong hook is invaluable for hanging 3/16" tubing in a variety of ways. Three barbed ends opposite the hook give you more options when making an end-of-line loop around a tree or otherwise stringing up your poly tubing.

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  • Stub Spout

    Stub Spout for 3/16"

    This 7/16" plastic spout is shortened for use with spout adapters and the new 3/16" tubing Check Valve Adapter, in a two piece spout system.   The two piece spout systems offer a better system for tapping and limit the effects of bacteria in the tap...

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