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Record Multi Fitting Plastic Mainline Saddle Entrance Fitting

Record Multi Fitting Plastic Mainline Saddle Entrance Fitting
The record multi fitting is an excellent plastic mainline entrance fitting designed for single 5/16" lateral line to be connected to it.  The record multi fitting features a wide base, and large rubber gasket to create a great seal, especially when being used on Leader 30P platic mainline tubing.  This mainline entrance uses a 5/16" diameter hole drilled into the mainline and a small tapered tip then slides into the hole with the gasket surrounding it to seal.  The record multi fitting is tightened on with a pair of water pump/channel lock pliers with it's self ratcheting strap.  No additioinal pieces are needed to install this fitting properly.  The hose barbed nipple for the 5/16" plastic lateral line tubing to connect to swivels 360 degrees so it will work from any angle.  The nipple is made for the hole to be drilled slightly down off the top of the pipe so that the mainline support wire can stay directly on top of the mainline and does not have to be rotated to the side at any time.
Product SKU Price Order
Record Multi fitting 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" Saddle Entrance 4786
Price: $5.00
Record Multi Fitting Replacement Gasket for 3/4" and 1" 4787
Price: $1.62