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Vacuum Releaser Combo #3

Vacuum Releaser Combo #3

¾ hp Electric Vacuum Pump

Designed for optimal use with 300-800 taps, maximum use of 1000 taps.

These small compact units come completely assembled with oil reclaiming system and moisture trap.   Close coupled directly to the 3/4 HP electric motor.  Motor is wired for 120V power, drawing 11 amps with a magnetic starter box installed.  Vacuum pump is estimated to produce 8 cfm at 15 in Hg.

  •  Reclaims 95% of the oil
  • No Heated Rooms or Constant Water Supply required
  • Designed for the intense 24 hour usage of today's maple syrup producer

Comes complete with a vacuum regulator, check valve, one season supply of oil, and oil filters.

Moisture trap, and vacuum gauge not included but highly recommended.



Double Vertical Sap Releaser

  • 1,000 tap max
  • Tanks: 8" x 16"
  • Manifold inlets: 4
Vacuum Releaser Combo #3
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