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The MAX Flue Pan - Leader Evaporator Recommended

The MAX Flue Pan
Available to replace or fit any style of evaporator with a flue pan measuring 2x3 up to 6x10.

Designed, tested, and developed over a four year period the MAX flue pan has taken the maple industry by storm with it's 11-1/2 inch flue depth that increases evaporation rates by up to 50 percent.

With todays high efficiency wood, oil, and gas fired arches this flue pan will produce a roaring boil that uses more of the BTU's being generated.  Evaporation rate is a combination of the available BTU's from the arch and the heating surface of the evaporator pans.  With the MAX flue pan boiling surface increases by 40-50 percent, which allows more of the BTU's to be used.  This also makes the MAX flue pan up to 20 percent more fuel efficient.

The MAX flue pan is changing the way we size evaporators by allowing a smaller foot print to boil faster.  This saves valuable space in the sugar house and reduces cost on other evaporator components.  Just look at this example:

  • A 4x14 standard raised flue evaporator with a 10' long flue pan has approximately 156 square feet of heating surface.
  • A 3x12 MAX raised flue evaporator with a 9' long flue pan has approximately 164 square feet of heating surface

Available in two styles, The Combo, or The All Raised:
The Combo is a hy-brid design that features a split with 5-3/4 inches of the flue dropped below the rail of the arch and 5-3/4 inches of the flue raised in the pan above the rail of the arch.  This promotes more efficient contace with the heat from the arch and still gives the increases sap level control of a raised flue style of evaporator with it's extra float for the syrup pan.

The All Raised features all 11-1/2 inches of the flue above the rail of the arch which can offer the ability to use a longer flue pan on some size evaporators to additionally increase heating surface. 

As a set new the MAX flue pan is sold in the Patriot and Revolution styles, but can be retrofitted to fit an existing American syrup pan.

Remember how simple it is:  heating surface and BTU's = Evaporation Rate

The MAX has more heating surface than anything else currently on the market, leaving just one question:

"Are you ready to get the MAX out of your evaporator?"

The MAX Flue Pan - Leader Evaporator Recommended