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Inferno Wood Fired Arch - High Efficiency

Inferno Wood Fired Arch - High Efficiency
Available in sizes from 2x6 up to 6x18.

The Inferno wood fired arch is a high efficiency wood burning arch that will increase fuel efficiency and evaporation rate to reduce time in the sugar house and save wood.  The fully insulated, air tight front seals the sparks and smoke in the combustion chamber so that large volumes of air can be added to the fire.  The air added through special dome shaped grates spreads throughout the fire box, and as it is deflected by the wood within the fire box it creates mass turbulence.  That turbulence burns more of the gases being released by the burning wood for a cleaner, and much hotter burning fire.  The result is an increase in stack temperature, which means the flue pan is getting more BTU's to help increase the boiling rate of the maple sap.

The large air blower system installed on the arch is run on 110V power, and comes with a speed control to be installed for complete adjustment of air volume. (24" - 40" wide evaporators have one blower, 48" have 2 blowers, 60" and 72" wide evaporators have 3 blowers) 

The arch comes complete with smoke stack.  The arch can be ordered with any combination of galvanized steel or stainless steel on the sides of the arch and smoke stack.

All wood fired arches require insulation once in place.  We recommend using only 3000 degree fire bricks and refractory cement to ensure ample insulating value to protect the sides of the arch and maximize performance.

Galvanized steel vs Stainless steel:
With the intense heat generated from an arch the galvanized coating on the steel can easily be burned off, exposing the raw steel.  This exposure will cause the galvanized to begin rusting and shorten the longevity of the steel.

Stainless steel has anti-corosion properties that will help to limit the effects of heat and rust that happen to galvanized steel.  Stainless steel sides and stack will last at least 3-5 times longer than galvanized steel.  Stainless steel also offers a sleek, shiny appearance that makes every sugar house look like a show place.
Inferno Wood Fired Arch - High Efficiency