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Cast Iron Leader Style Grates

The double V style grates allows ash to build in the troughs on top of each grate to help insulate the cast iron slightly, while the wide openings at the bottom of the V's allow lots of air to flow through the gaps in the grates, and no coals or ashes will get lodged as they fall through the narrow slots between the top of the V's.  Installed properly these grates are very warp resistant.
Product SKU Price Order
25 inch long double V grate 75021
Price: $75.00
25 inch long half grate 75011
Price: $60.00
30 inch long double V grate 75031
Price: $118.00
36 inch long double V grate 75051
Price: $124.00
48 inch long double V grate 75071
Price: $189.00