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Leader WSE Wood Fired Evaporators

Leader WSE Wood Fired Evaporators

The Leader WSE Evaporator is designed for the hobby maple syrup producer that is serious about turning sap into syrup quickly and efficiently.  The WSE Maple Sap Evaporator is a combination of two stainless steel, tig welded pans sold as a set, and a Fire Box called the Arch.   Each Leader WSE Evaporator is customized to fit the needs of your maple operation.

The set of pans is made up of a flue pan (back pan) and syrup pan (front or flat pan).  The flue pan is where 80-90 percent of the evaporation takes place due to the added surface area of the six 3/4" wide, 7-1/2" deep flues .  These flues add a substantial amount of heating surface to the 24" wide by 47" long  (2x6 Evaporator) or 24" wide by 23" long (2x4 Evaporator) stainless steel pan.  The result is an increase in boiling capacity within the flue pan as shown in the following comparison

·         24"x23" Flat pan has 552 square inches of heating surface (3.83 square feet) with an estimated boiling rate of 4-6 gallons per hour

·         24"x47" Leader WSE Flue Pan has 5,358 square inches of heating surface (37.2 square feet) with an estimated boiling rate of 20-25 gallons per hour

The syrup pan is 24 inches wide by 23 inches long and has two stainless steel petitions welded into pan to create three 8 inch wide compartments.  As the shallow liquid flows across the flat pan the finishing stages of turning the maple sap to maple syrup happen.  The compartments are important for keeping this process separated, allowing syrup to be made in small amounts at frequent intervals between 10 and 40 minutes apart instead of one large batch at a time. 

The set of pans has a float box and draw off valve included so that liquid levels can be consistently maintained at a shallow level for optimal boiling rate.  The maple sap level within the pans will vary from sugar house to sugar house from 1-2 inches in the flat portions of each pan.  The float system will control the set level against limited head pressure from a feed tank full of maple sap.  We recommend a ball valve be installed in the feed line to the evaporator (not included) to regulate the head pressure as sap levels within the feed tank change.

The fire box, known as the arch is an open chamber with specially designed grates to pile the fire wood on top of in order to heat the pans over an intense fire.  A draft door is installed under the grates to allow adequate air flow for the fire, also included is a base stack transition, and six (2x4) to nine (2x6) feet of 10" diameter smoke stack for a total of 9-12 feet of exhaust stack to help draw the smoke and sparks out of the fire box, through the arch and exhaust them above the roof.  The arch needs to be lined with 3000 degree fire brick to protect and insulate the arch for operation.  It takes 72 full fire brick (4-1/2" wide x 9"long x 2-1/2" thick) and 45 of the half fire brick (4-1/2" x 9" x 1-1/4") to properly insulate the arch.  Refractory cement should be used to bond the bricks together for stability.  Bricks and refractory cement are sold separately.

The 2x6 Leader WSE Evaporator will is 25 inches wide and approximately 7 feet long.  Each evaporator has a customer option for the float box and draw-off valve to be on the left side or right side of the evaporator as you stand at the fire box end of the evaporator and look towards the stack.  A sugar house should be a minimum of 8 feet wide and 12 feet long to accommodate the 2x6 Leader WSE Evaporator.

It is best to contact a local Leader dealer or distributor, or the factory directly to discuss options on the evaporator, availability, and delivery options.  All pricing is the same with the factory and dealers so a local distributor can help to service your needs during installation and operation, as well as help to reduce shipping costs. 

Leader WSE Wood Fired Evaporators