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Inside Scoop on RO

Inside Scoop on RO

Posted by Leader Team on May 27th 2021

Join the Leader Maple Experts for a discussion of all things RO ( reverse osmosis). From proper storage of sap and concentrate and permeate, to how many taps you should have when you make the jump to RO, to how to set things up to be as productive and profitable as possible.

Here are a few things we cover:

  • MVP Reverse Osmosis Machines
  • Micro Reverse Osmosis Machines
  • The environmental benefits of RO
  • Where to place an RO machine in your sugarhouse and how to get started
  • When to use of glycol
  • The effects of concentrated sap on your boiling operation 
  • How many taps do you need for RO and what is the capacity of the Micro RO? 
  • “Good tasting syrup still needs time over the flame.” Or how an RO machine is a lot like a barbecue grill… 
  • The importance of matching RO and evaporator speed. 
  • The variables that can affect taste. 
  • Tank sizes for permeate and other setup questions. 
  • The sensitivity of concentrate to spoilage at higher temperatures. 
  • On cooling tanks for concentrate 
  • Cooling concentrate below freezing 
  • What are the effects of running sap through the RO twice? And what causes darker syrup? 
  • What is the process and cycle of cleaning an RO? 
  • How are things changing out in the Midwest, where there is more struggle with mineral buildup? In which we talk about the when, what, and how of acid washes.
  • Should I get a complete membrane cleaning done by Leader?