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Everything About Maple Tubing

Everything About Maple Tubing

Posted by Leader Crew on Jul 17th 2021

Leader Maple Experts Kevin Lawyer, Joel Oelke, and David Butler talk about everything you need to know about maple tubing, from the different types and colors, to lifespan, cleaning, dealing with low slope, monitoring systems, leak control and so much more.


Here are the time-stamps of the various subjects dealt with in the video so you can jump right to the spot you are interested in.

1:00 ~ Different types of tubing

1:15 ~ On the advantages of colored tubing and when to change droplines 

4:00 ~ The value of installing vacuum in a system.

5:20 ~ Releasers

7:40 ~ The sap difference between gravity and vacuum 

8:35 ~ When to change lateral and mainlines 

12:20 ~ Leak control 

16:50 ~ The advantages of the SmarTek Monitoring System

20:50 ~ The system must drain

21:10 ~ How do you clean your lines? 

25:20 ~ Can sap lifts increase yield on flat land? 

27:50 ~ Tips for dealing with low slope 

29:20 ~ Do you let the first run of the year flow onto the ground to flush the lines? 

30:10 ~ What about using permeate to rinse lines? 

34:30 ~ The two ways to create vacuum in your system.