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Monitoring Systems

  • Smartrek Smart Station ~ Starter Kit

    Smartrek Smart Station ~ Starter Kit

    The H20 Smartrek™ is the most efficient and trusted vacuum monitoring system available. Sensors installed throughout your sugarbush communicate wirelessly to help you quickly identify leaks, so you can fix them and reduce loss. The system is...

  • Water Meter

    Water Meter

    These meters can be used as a traditional water meter where the water consumption is read off the face of the meter. They also have the added functionality of being able to connect to the Smartrek system when used in conjunction with a Remote Controls...

  • Wireless Remote Control Relay Wireless Remote Control Relay

    Wireless Remote Control Relay

    The remote control relay from H2O-Smartrek™ allows the control of two electrical equipments, either manually or remotely, using a wireless network. The relay is compatible with all electrical installations. (120V, 220V, 600V, etc.) The sensor...

  • Wireless Repeater

    Wireless Repeater

    The Repeater from H2O-Smartrek™ is used when two sensors are too far apart, or when elevation changes can block radio waves. The repeater takes no measurements. It merely receives and transmits information to all the other sensors in range using...

  • Wireless Vacuum Sensors

    Wireless Vacuum Sensors

    The highly precise vacuum sensor (0.05 in. Hg) from H2O-Smartrek™ records your vacuum level and allows you to identify leaks. If installed at the end of a main line, the sensor will also record temperature. The sensor receives and wirelessly...

  • Mobile Gateway

    Mobile Gateway

    The mobile gateway from H2O-Smartrek™ connects to an Android mobile device and gives you access to all of your network's measurements and information, wherever you are, even in the field. Since the mobile gateway using radio waves, its use requires...

  • Long-Range Gateway

    Long-Range Gateway

    Communication within the H2O-Smartrek™ system is orchestrated by the long-range gateway. All information and measurements gathered by the different sensors are transmitted to the gateway. It then prioritizes the speed and order in which to send the...