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Tapping Bits

Maple tree tapping is something of an art and the type of drill bit you use on your sugar maples matters a lot. Leader drill bits guard against bending and twisting to make the job of drilling easier. Our tapping bits ensure you maple tap holes are precise, even when the tree is frozen. It's always good to have extra drill bits on hand, so pick up a couple of spares to take with you in the woods.

All of our products are Made in the USA.

  • 5/16-inch Leader Drill Bit with a special sharp point

    5/16" Tree Saver Drill Bit

    The 5/16" Leader Drill Bit is specially designed for a fast cut, to keep tap holes clean from wood debris.   Ideal for drilling frozen maple trees, this bit is used to install 5/16" spiles or spouts.   Its special sharp point also works very...