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  • Stainless Steel Barb x MPT Adapter

    Stainless Steel Barb to MPT Adapter

    Stainless Steel Barb Adapter are the professional's choice when it comes to mainline installation. And they are essential when installing our HD Mainline tubing. These stainless steel barb adapter...

  • Stainless steel stand for water jacket tanks

    Stainless Steel Stands for Canning Tank

    These stands are specifically designed to fit the 18-gallon and 40-gallon water-jacketed canning tanks. They are constructed completely out of stainless steel. Also have adjustable stainless steel...

  • Steam-Away Gasket Steam-Away Gasket

    Steam-Away Gasket

    Our new Steam-Away Gasket offers an easy, elegant solution to creating a strong seal between your Steam-Away and flue pan. The U-channel design eliminates the need for tape or any other fastening...

  • Steamaway Accessories

    Steamaway Accessories

    These items can be added to a Steamaway for a custom Build.  Please contact your salesman directly when placing an order for a custom Steamaway.

  • Two Cone Filter Tank for Maple Syrup Two Cone Filter Tank for Maple Syrup

    Two Cone Filter Tank for Maple Syrup

    The two-cone filter tank is designed to be used for gravity filtering maple syrup. It has the requisite number of hooks to hold two syrup filters at the same time. This is an open compartment tank,...

  • Vacuum Filler for Glass Bottles Vacuum Filler for Glass Bottles

    Vacuum Filler for Glass Bottles

    Our vacuum filler is our newest and fastest way to fill small containers. The vacuum filler fills nips in less than half the time and all but eliminates the messy and time consuming clean-ups. This...

  • Vermont Style Stack

    Vermont Style Stack

    Designed to specifically fit the cast iron collar on the back of Vermont Style Wood Fired Arches. Check the collar dimensions (OD), height of the base stack, and round stack size (diameter) to be...

  • Vermonter Pan Vermonter Pan

    Vermonter Boiling Pan 2x4

    Known as the Vermonter Pan, this is a 2x4 flue and syrup pan combined, for use with the Vermonter Evaporator. Has 11, 5-inch raised flues with a cold sap float included. Attached two-compartment...

  • Water Jacket Canning Tank Water Jacket Canning Tank

    Water Jacketed Canning Tanks

    These tig welded units have a double tank. The outside tank is a water jacket with 220 volt heating elements to keep the syrup at 180°F for canning. 55100 18 gal. capacity tank. 1/2" syrup...

  • Roof Jack

    Water Tight Roof Jacks

    Recommended for Smoke Stacks. We need the location of the roof jack mount (side of roof or peak of roof) and the roof pitch. Each roof jack is custom built to your specifications. Call for lead time...