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Vacuum Releasers

  • Mechanical Sap Releasers (Extractors)

    Mechanical Sap Releasers (Extractors)

    BHR Releasers are the maple sugaring industries most reliable sap extracter. The mechanical action works off of floats and vacuum, so that no electricity is required to run the releaser. As sap fills the main canister, the float within the canister will...

  • Airablo Electric Belly Releaser (Extractor)

    Airablo Electric Belly Releaser (Extractor)

    The Airablo Electric Belly Releaser is designed for producers with height restrictions for incoming sap, and for large producers with multiple sap storage tanks.   The electric switch inside the belly releaser activates the optional pumps included...

  • Electric Sap Releaser

    Electric Sap Releasers (Extractors)

    BHR Releasers are the maple sugaring industry's most reliable sap extractor. The electric releaser is kept under constant vacuum. It is drained with a water pump (appropriately sized, see below) that is connected to the releaser and discharged into a...