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Vacuum Systems

The average payback of a vacuum system is 2.5 years, just based on extra sap production. For every inch of Mercury gained above 20, your sap production increases 3-5%.

  • Vacuum gauge

    Vacuum Gauge

    A dial gauge measuring vacuum levels in inches of mercury (Hg). Scale 0-30 in Hg. Installs with a 1/4" male pipe thread. Can be used to check vacuum at the pump, releaser, or throughout the maple sap tubing system.

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  • Counter-weight Vacuum Control Counter-weight Vacuum Control

    Counter-weight Vacuum Control (Regulator)

    This easy-to-use vacuum control or regulator is slipped into a 2" PVC fitting until it is snug. The heavy, round weight can then be adjusted on the notched arm to increase or decrease the vacuum level.   Adjustments should be made with all valves to...

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  • Schedule 80 PVC Reducing Bushing

    Schedule 80 PVC Reducing Bushings, Slip x FPT

    The grey, Schedule 80 reducing bushings are designed to reduce the ports of the 2-inch base tee when building a vacuum manifold for a wet/dry line maple sap tubing system.   These bushings will match the sizes of the incoming plastic mainline tubing...

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  • Smartrek Smart Station ~ Starter Kit

    Smartrek Smart Station ~ Starter Kit

    The H20 Smartrek™ is the most efficient and trusted vacuum monitoring system available. Sensors installed throughout your sugarbush communicate wirelessly to help you quickly identify leaks, so you can fix them and reduce loss. The system is...

  • Mechanical Sap Releasers (Extractors)

    Mechanical Sap Releasers (Extractors)

    BHR Releasers are the maple sugaring industries most reliable sap extracter. The mechanical action works off of floats and vacuum, so that no electricity is required to run the releaser. As sap fills the main canister, the float within the canister will...

    $1,425.00 - $2,370.00
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  • Airablo Electric Belly Releaser (Extractor)

    Airablo Electric Belly Releaser (Extractor)

    The Airablo Electric Belly Releaser is designed for producers with height restrictions for incoming sap, and for large producers with multiple sap storage tanks.   The electric switch inside the belly releaser activates the optional pumps included...

    $1,950.00 - $4,730.00
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  • Flood System With Oil-Cooling Kit

    Flood System With Oil-Cooling Kit

    These rotary vane vacuum pump systems are driven by belt and pulley from an electric motor, and come with an oil reclaiming system to be installed on the exhaust of the vacuum pump. Unlike traditional drip oiling systems found on most rotary vein pumps...

    $2,020.00 - $20,680.00
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  • Electric Sap Releaser

    Electric Sap Releasers (Extractors)

    BHR Releasers are the maple sugaring industry's most reliable sap extractor. The electric releaser is kept under constant vacuum. It is drained with a water pump (appropriately sized, see below) that is connected to the releaser and discharged into a...

    $893.00 - $945.00
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  • Water Meter

    Water Meter

    These meters can be used as a traditional water meter where the water consumption is read off the face of the meter. They also have the added functionality of being able to connect to the Smartrek system when used in conjunction with a Remote Controls...