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Tubing Systems

Doing maple syrup the old fashioned way - collecting sap with buckets – is very labor intensive. Throw in the unpredictable weather conditions often found at winter's end and you've got quite a combo to deal with.

Want to scale up your operation? A tree-to-tree maple syrup plastic tubing collection system reduces labor costs and increases profitability. Leader has all the maple sap tubing you need to maximize flow, as well as the couplers, mainline fittings, tees, and everything else necessary to assemble the high-output system you want for increased sugarmaking.

All products Made in the USA.

  • Stub Spout

    Stub Spout for 3/16"

    This 7/16" plastic spout is shortened for use with spout adapters and the new 3/16" tubing Check Valve Adapter, in a two piece spout system.   The two piece spout systems offer a better system for tapping and limit the effects of bacteria in the tap...

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  • Hook Connector for 3/16

    Hooked Connector 3/16"

    This 3/16" connector with hook is designed for use at the mainline, hooking tubing to the mainline support wire so that the tension of the 3/16" lateral line tubing is well-supported. It also relieves tension that may be caused by mainline entrance...

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  • End hook for poly tubing

    Leader 3/16" End Hook

    This strong hook is invaluable for hanging 3/16" tubing in a variety of ways. Three barbed ends opposite the hook give you more options when making an end-of-line loop around a tree or otherwise stringing up your poly tubing.

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  • Tree Saver spout - black

    Leader Tree Saver Tubing Spout - 5/16"

    This Tree Saver plastic tubing spout requires that a 5/16" diameter hole be drilled in the maple tree and it installs only 3/8 - 5/8" into the tree for proper sealling. The hole in the maple tree only needs to be drilled approximately 1-1/2" into the...

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  • Compact spout plug for maple tubing system Key style spout plug for maple tubing system

    Plastic Spout Plugs for 7/16" and Stubby Spout

    Plastic spout plugs are designed to seal the end of a 7/16" diameter spout, or stubby spout, during the off season, so that no insects or other impediments can enter the maple sap tubing system, plugging that system and limiting maple sap production the...

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  • Clear Disposable Spout

    Clear Disposable Spout

    Leader's 5/16" Clear Disposable Spout gives you the ability to see the sap coming out of the tree and into the tubing. The Clear 5/16" Disposable Spout is designed for use for just one season, after which the fitting should be replaced.

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