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5/16" Tubing and Fittings

Our 5/16" plastic tubing is made at our corporate headquarters in Swanton, Vermont, giving us full control over quality of the pipe. Often called laterals,  5/16" plastic tubing is used to stretch from tree to tree, optimally connecting 1-5 taps, then entering a mainline.

Try to keep lateral lines less than 100 feet long, with as much slope as possible. Remember to "STRIVE FOR 5": 5 taps or less per lateral line, and 5% slope or greater.
  • Compact spout plug for maple tubing system Key style spout plug for maple tubing system

    Plastic Spout Plugs for 7/16" and Stubby Spout

    Plastic spout plugs are designed to seal the end of a 7/16" diameter spout, or stubby spout, during the off season, so that no insects or other impediments can enter the maple sap tubing system, plugging that system and limiting maple sap production the...

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