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5/16" Tubing and Fittings

Our 5/16" plastic tubing is made at our corporate headquarters in Swanton, Vermont, giving us full control over quality of the pipe. Often called laterals,  5/16" plastic tubing is used to stretch from tree to tree, optimally connecting 1-5 taps, then entering a mainline.

Try to keep lateral lines less than 100 feet long, with as much slope as possible. Remember to "STRIVE FOR 5": 5 taps or less per lateral line, and 5% slope or greater.
  • Leader Clear Check Valve Spouts - 5/16"

    Leader Clear Check Valve Spouts - 5/16"

    The Future of Tapping is Here. Our Clear Check Valve Spout has everything the efficient producer needs: check valve technology, plus the visual benefits of clear, polycarbonate material. Available in both 3/16" and 5/16" sizes. The Leader Check Valve...

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  • Blue Leader 30P Plastic Tubing for maple sap. Green Leader 30P Plastic Tubing for maple sap.

    Leader 30P 5/16 Lateral Line Plastic Tubing

    This lateral line plastic tubing is made from virgin polyethylene and meets the highest standards for quality maple tubing. With the smoothest interior wall in the maple industry, it is ideal for new, high-output tubing systems looking for maximum flow...

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  • Roll of tubing for maple sap Roll of tubing for maple sap

    Leader 5/16" UNI 50 Tubing

    This is our newest 5/16" semi-rigid maple sap tubing. Flexible enough to be used for drops and strong enough to be used for lateral lines. This maple sugaring tubing can do it all!

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  • Leader 5/16" Blue Max Flow Flex Tubing Leader 5/16" Pink Max Flow Flex Tubing

    Leader 5/16" Max Flow Flex Tubing

    Designed as drop-line tubing, this is our most flexible offering. It has been tested and shown to have a remarkable bond to tubing fittings – a bond that is nearly impossible to break by spinning or tension. The supple walls allow it to fill in...

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  • Leader Check Valve Adapter Leader Clear Check Valve Adapter

    Leader Check Valve Adapter

    This Check Valve Adapter has all of the benefits of our Check Valve Spout, plus you can pull the Stub spouts at the end of the season and leave the adapter in place in the tree. The two piece spout systems offer a better system for tapping to limit the...

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  • Stub spout - black Stub spout - black

    Leader Plastic Stubby Spout for 5/16" tubing

    This 7/16" plastic spout is shortened for use with spout adapters and the new check valve adapter, creating a two-piece spout system.   The two-piece spout systems offers a better system for tapping, limiting the effects of bacteria in the tap hole...

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  • Leader Max Flow Grip 5/16" tubing - Blue Leader Max Flow Grip 5/16" tubing - Green

    Leader 5/16" Max Flow Grip Tubing

    More flexible than our 30P tubing, Max Flow Grip is best for installations that are put up and taken down each year. The locked-on grip helps eliminate fittings pulling apart from tension and stress over years of use. What is more, when a tree limb or...

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  • Tree Saver spout - black

    Leader Tree Saver Tubing Spout - 5/16"

    This Tree Saver plastic tubing spout requires that a 5/16" diameter hole be drilled in the maple tree and it installs only 3/8 - 5/8" into the tree for proper sealling. The hole in the maple tree only needs to be drilled approximately 1-1/2" into the...

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  • Compact spout plug for maple tubing system Key style spout plug for maple tubing system

    Plastic Spout Plugs for 7/16" and Stubby Spout

    Plastic spout plugs are designed to seal the end of a 7/16" diameter spout, or stubby spout, during the off season, so that no insects or other impediments can enter the maple sap tubing system, plugging that system and limiting maple sap production the...

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  • Clear Disposable Spout

    Clear Disposable Spout

    Leader's 5/16" Clear Disposable Spout gives you the ability to see the sap coming out of the tree and into the tubing. The Clear 5/16" Disposable Spout is designed for use for just one season, after which the fitting should be replaced.

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