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Tubing Systems

Doing maple syrup the old fashioned way - collecting sap with buckets – is very labor intensive. Throw in the unpredictable weather conditions often found at winter's end and you've got quite a combo to deal with.

Want to scale up your operation? A tree-to-tree maple syrup plastic tubing collection system reduces labor costs and increases profitability. Leader has all the maple sap tubing you need to maximize flow, as well as the couplers, mainline fittings, tees, and everything else necessary to assemble the high-output system you want for increased sugarmaking.

All products Made in the USA.

  • Dead End Tee Right Dead End Tee Left

    Barbed Dead End Tees - 5/16"

    Leader 5/16 Dead End Tees have a special, ultra aggressive barb design so that the 5/16 lateral line plastic tubing locks on securely, to eliminate leaks.   The fitting is molded to be strong, and will last for years of permanent installation in...

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  • Barbed End Y Plastic Tubing Fitting

    Barbed End Y Plastic Tubing Fitting - 5/16"

    This end Y is designed to be used at the end of a 5/16" lateral line in a maple sap tubing system, on the maple tree furthest away from the mainline.   A length of tubing is wrapped around the back of the maple tree and then connected to the outer...

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  • Plastic Hose Barb to Male Pipe Thread Adapter

    Hose Barb to Male Pipe Thread Adapter

    These plastic pipe fittings adapt common water pipe sizes to a common pipe thread fitting.   The male pipe thread (MPT) and hose barb (INS) come in a variety of common sizes to fit both plastic mainline tubing and black plastic water pipe. The...

    $0.76 - $3.35
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  • 5/16 Tee with Plug 5/16 Tee with Cup

    Leader Barbed Plastic Tees - 5/16"

    Leader Barbed 5/16 Tees have a special, ultra-aggressive barb design that locks the 5/16 lateral line tubing on securely, so as to eliminate leaks. The fitting is molded to be strong and durable, to last for years as a permanent installation in your...

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  • Leader HD Plastic Mainline Tubing Leader HD Plastic Mainline Tubing

    Leader HD Plastic Mainline Tubing

    This tubing's high density formula reduces weight and maintains rigidity. HD tubing is manufactured with high quality materials and provides an economical installation solution. Deep blue color increases woods and sap visibility for faster identification...

    $87.00 - $288.00
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  • Leader In-line 4-way Plastic Mainline Entrance

    Bring four lateral lines into your mainline with this plastic 4-way mainline entrance.   Also known as 4-way mainline tees, this fitting comes in three sizes to fit 1/2", 3/4", and 1" plastic mainline tubing. Has hose barbs on both ends to install...

    $1.67 - $2.70
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  • Leader Light Blue 30P Plastic Mainline Tubing Leader Light Blue 30P Plastic Mainline Tubing

    Leader Light Blue 30P Plastic Mainline Tubing

    This lateral line plastic tubing is made from virgin polyethylene and meets the highest standards for quality maple tubing. With the smoothest interior wall in the maple industry, it is ideal for new, high-output tubing systems looking for maximum flow...

    $27.00 - $414.00
  • Leader Max Flow 50

    New tubing blend with superior seal strength for the greatest hold on fittings. Enhanced flexibility and retraction memory maintains diameter and durability in the harsh winter conditions. This can be used as lateral line or drop line applications. ...

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  • Leader Plastic Mainline Y

    Leader mainline Y's are designed to optimize flow of two mainlines joining together with a barbed fitting designed to insert into the end of the mainlines and be secured with a hose clamp over the mainline tightening the plastic mainline down onto the...

    $1.67 - $2.70
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  • Barbed straight connector for 5/16" tubing

    Leader Plastic Straight Connector - 5/16"

    This barbed straight connector is designed for splicing 5/16" plastic tubing together during repairs of a maple sap tubing system. It features Leader unique barb design that maximizes the holding power of the fitting in order to eliminate leaks.

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