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Testing Equipment

  • Lovibond Grading Kit

    Lovibond Grading Set & Accessories

    Lovibond is the leading brand in Maple Syrup Grading. The Lovibond Comparator Set includes the main body, glass cell and the new international grading standards: Golden Maple Syrup with a Delicate Taste - Colour not less than 75% Tc Amber Maple Syrup...

  • Sample Bottles

    Sample Bottles for Temporary Grading Kits

    Glass 1 ounce Sample Bottle with cap. These are the bottles used by sugarmakers to grade their maple syrup using the Vermont Temporary Grading Kit. If you have visited sugarhouses that have little bottles displayed in their windows, these are the...

  • Hand Held Refractometer

    Hand Held Refractometer

    Measures high Brix syrups automatically. Temperature corrected to 20ºC. (Range 60º-100ºF) Offers immediate, direct Brix readings, 45º to 82º. Accurate to ±.25º Brix. Only one or two drops of sample required...

  • Testing Cup for Hydrometers

    Testing Cup for Hydrometers

    Test cups are required when using a hydrometer. The hydrometer needs to float freely in the liquid being tested. Our test cups are all stainless steel, tig welded construction. Available in three sizes.

  • Maple Sap Hydrometer

    Maple Sap Hydrometers

    Our maple sap hydrometers are custom made for Leader Evaporator. They are offered in two sizes, tall and short. The tall hydrometer is ideal for maple sap, while the short is good for the producer who would like to know what the sugar concentration is of...

  • Maple Syrup Hydrometer

    Maple Syrup Hydrometers

    A maple syrup hydrometer is used to measure the density of maple syrup at a specific temperature. We offer hydrometers in the Brix Scale and the Baume Scale. Our hydrometers are custom made and are tested by the State of Vermont Department of Weights and...