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Filtering Maple Sap

  • Cartridge Filter Housings

    Cartridge Filter Housings

    These units are made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant thermoplastic. Connections: NPT female. Standard housings have a Buna-N O-ring and four 3/16" dia. mounting holes in the head for easy installation. They also have a pressure release valve to...

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  • Cartridge Filters

    Cartridge Filters

    Purtrex® Cartridge Filters are used extensively in applications requiring long life and low change-out frequency. These all polypropylene filters are made of substantially continuous fibers. High Dirt-Holding Capacity True-graded density captures...

    $3.97 - $7.95
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  • Pop-on Filter Head Pop-on Filter Head

    Pop-on Filter Head

    The Pop-on Filter Head is used with the pop-on filter bags. This system of filtering sap is very effective for removing debris from the pipeline system.   Pop-on filter systems are usually placed above the storage tank and connected to a pipeline...

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