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Evaporators: Small & Crafter

  • Carlin Gas Burner

    Carlin Gas Burner

    The Carlin gas burner converts from propane to natural gas with just an orifice change no conversion kit needed. Fires negative or positive chambers at input indicated below. Dependable direct-spark ignition of main flame for quick clean light offs...

    $3,078.00 - $4,212.00
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  • Finishing Pan Cover

    Finishing Evaporator Pan Covers - Large

    Covers for Large Gas-Fired Finishing Evaporators. Made to Order. Due to the size and construction of this product, we are unable to ship it via standard means. It may, however, be ordered for pick up at our Swanton location.

    $130.00 - $170.00
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  • Gas Fired Finishing Evaporator Gas Fired Finishing Evaporator

    Gas Fired Finishing Evaporator - 16x34

    Perfect little finishing rig for the small volume producer who wants to sell quality syrup. Sturdy iron, two-burner gas stand with valves and regulator, S/S tig-welded pan, and 1" threaded fitting in bottom. Gas heat is easliy adjusted and can be...

    $200.00 - $635.00
  • Vermonter Pan Vermonter Pan

    Vermonter Boiling Pan 2x4

    Known as the Vermonter Pan, this is a 2x4 flue and syrup pan combined, for use with the Vermonter Evaporator. Has 11, 5-inch raised flues with a cold sap float included. Attached two-compartment syrup pan include 1-inch draw off with valve, and hot sap...

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  • Gas Fired Finishing Evaporator

    Gas Fired Finishing Evaporators - Large

    Because it's gas fired, this finishing rig gives sugar makers the greatest possible control over their final product. Gas heat is easily adjusted and can be completely shut off when syrup reaches the correct density. Operates on bottled gas. Comes...

    $3,200.00 - $3,800.00
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  • Leader Half Pint Evaporator Leader Half Pint Evaporator

    Leader Half Pint Evaporator

    Ideal for the backyard sugar maker with 15 to 50 taps, this dandy little unit will evaporate 4-6 gallons of sap per hour.   The evaporator pan is made of stainless steel and divided into three sections. A reservoir pan allows for manually feeding...

    $1,370.00 - $2,120.00
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  • Vermonter Evaporator

    Leader Vermonter Evaporator

    This 2' x 4' Combo Pan includes a syrup pan and flue pan in one! Features 11 - 5" raised flues, and a boiling rate of approx. 22-25 gallons per hour. Internal bolt-on regulating system for hot sap All stainless steel is tig welded Dial thermometer...

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  • 2x6 WSE Evaporator

    Leader WSE Evaporator

    This 2x6 evaporator is now available in raised and drop flue. Economical Tig welded 20 ga. BA stainless steel Heavy duty stainless steel connections and clamps Three-compartment syrup pan Rotate syrup pan to change syrup compartment External regulating...

  • Supreme Pan Traditional Pan

    Boiling Pan for Half Pint

    Choose between two pan styles for the Half Pint evaporator, the Traditional Flat Bottom Pan and the New Supreme Pan.   The Flat Pan is stainless steel, with a tig-welded flat bottom pan and two welded pan partitions with laser cut-flow ports to move...

    $630.00 - $945.00
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