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Hoods & Enhancements

This is where you will find equipment used with your maple syrup evaporator to improve fuel efficiency and decrease boiling times, by increasing the evaporation rate of the evaporator.
  • Steam-Away Gasket Steam-Away Gasket

    Steam-Away Gasket

    Our new Steam-Away Gasket offers an easy, elegant solution to creating a strong seal between your Steam-Away and flue pan. The U-channel design eliminates the need for tape or any other fastening material. The channel is also tapered inward, so that it...

  • Steamaway Accessories

    Steamaway Accessories

    These items can be added to a Steamaway for a custom Build.  Please contact your salesman directly when placing an order for a custom Steamaway.

  • Syrup Pan Stainless Steel Steam Hoods

    Syrup Pan Stainless Steel Steam Hoods

    A steam hood will capture the steam generated from the boiling maple sap within each pan of the maple syrup evaporator. A properly sized thimble is installed in the top of the hood to vent the steam through a stack that should be installed straight up...

  • Hood with single door.

    Flue Pan / Steamaway Stainless Steel Hoods

    Excess steam creates a humid environment that can wreak havoc with sensitive electronics, while also creating an environment for bacteria and mold to thrive. Leader hoods can be mounted directly on top of pans for complete steam elimination, or suspended...

  • Standard Steam Away Unit

    Standard Steam-Aways

    The Steam-Away is a sap pre-heating and evaporation system that can be added to any flue pan or steam pan to increase evaporation rates. Intense testing was done and has shown a 65-75 percent increase in evaporation rates after installation of a...

  • Steam Away

    Enhanced Steam Aways

    The enhanced Steam-Away takes all of the power of the regular version, but we increase the steam pipes from 7 to 12 per V-tray. The Steam-Away is a sap pre-heating and evaporation system that can be added to any flue pan or steam pan to increase...

  • Parallel Flow Sap Pre-Heater

    Parallel Flow Sap Pre-Heater

    The Parallel Flow Sap Pre-heater is a set of copper pipes installed over the flue pan. Sap travels through the pre-heater before it enters the evaporator's flue pan. With a parallel flow pre-heater, sap will be warmed to between 160-185º Fahrenheit...