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  • Leader Pan Cleaner

    Leader Pan Cleaner

    Leader Pan Cleaner is very effective at removing mineral scale buildup on stainless steel evaporator pans. Due to chemical shipping restrictions, this product is only available at a Leader store or dealer. Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Sap defoamer

    Sap Defoamer

    One or two drops of Atmos 300K sap defoamer prevents boilover. This product is kosher approved. Material Safety Data Sheet Kosher Certificate for Atmos 300K Defoamer

  • Leader RO Soap

    Leader RO Soap

    Leader RO Soap works to remove mineral and bacteria buildup.  Recommended for use in all Leader Extreme and MicRO machines. Safety Data Sheet   NEW** The new 2 lb container can now be shipped via UPS!** Due to chemical shipping restrictions,...

  • Glycol


    Glycol will help protect your membranes from freezing, 1 gallon size. Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Citric Acid

    Citric Acid

    Use citric acid during the acid wash for your reverse osmosis machine. 1.5 lb Jar. Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Membrane Preservative

    Membrane Preservative

    Use Membrane preservative at the end of the season to protect membranes against damage caused by bacteria growth. Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Filter Aid

    Filter Aid

    Filter Aid is Food Grade diatomaceous earth pulverized to a white powder. Filter aid acts as an attractant to the mineral particles in maple syrup. The Filter Aid sticks to the minerals and increases their size. The increase in size is what allows the...