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In the Sugar House

This is nothing like a sugar house filled with the smell of warm wood smoke, steam, and maple aromas, while outside the frost is caking the windows and the snow crunches underfoot. Everything you need for then and there is in here, from RO machines to save time and money, to evaporators, filter presses, storage, and everything in between.

  • Green Gloves

    Green Gloves

    These green PVC dipped gloves will keep your hands dry. The liner helps insulate them from heat, when changing filer press plates or cleaning equipment.   One size fits most men.

  • Lovibond Grading Kit

    Lovibond Grading Set & Accessories

    Lovibond is the leading brand in Maple Syrup Grading. The Lovibond Comparator Set includes the main body, glass cell and the new international grading standards: Golden Maple Syrup with a Delicate Taste - Colour not less than 75% Tc Amber Maple Syrup...

  • Ceramic Pan Gasket Ceramic Pan Gasket

    Ceramic Pan Gaskets

    The ceramic pan gasket is installed between the syrup pan and the flue pan to keep the heat in the arch from escaping between the pans. Our ceramic pan gasket is 4" wide and sold in various lengths.

  • Sample Bottles

    Sample Bottles for Temporary Grading Kits

    Glass 1 ounce Sample Bottle with cap. These are the bottles used by sugarmakers to grade their maple syrup using the Vermont Temporary Grading Kit. If you have visited sugarhouses that have little bottles displayed in their windows, these are the...

  • Draw Off Pail

    Stainless Steel Draw-off Pail

    This Stainless Steel Draw-off Pail is handy for drawing off the evaporator pan and transfering syrup to the filtering unit. This pail has a convenient handle on the bottom for easy emptying.

  • Rail gasket Rail gasket

    Rail Gaskets

    For use between arch rails and pans. Comes in multiple sizes and can be cut with utility knife or utility shears.

  • Sap defoamer

    Sap Defoamer

    One or two drops of Atmos 300K sap defoamer prevents boilover. This product is kosher approved. Material Safety Data Sheet Kosher Certificate for Atmos 300K Defoamer

  • Inside Flue Brush for Drop Flue Style Pans

    Inside Cleaning Brush for Flue Pans

    The inside flue brush is designed with a specially angled end to effectively clean the inside of your flue pan. The stiff nylon bristles work to remove the niter/sugarsand that has adhered to the sides of the flues.

  • Revolution Sets of Pan Parts

    Revolution Sets of Pans Parts

    This item is the set of pan parts and attachments required for installation and hookup of the Revolution Syrup Pan and Revolution Flue (which can be ordered with 7.5 inch Drop or Raised Flues or Max 11.5-inch Flues). Download Manual

  • Cast Iron Leader Style Grates Cast Iron Leader Style Grates

    Cast Iron Leader Style Grates

    The double V style grates allows ash to build in the troughs on top of each grate, to help insulate the cast iron slightly, while the wide openings at the bottom of the V's allow lots of air to flow through the gaps in the grates, and no coals or ashes...

  • Also helps to keep birds and other animals from getting into the stack. Also helps to keep birds and other animals from getting into the stack.

    Flip Style Stainless Steel Stack Cover

    Extend the life of your stacks, arch, and other maple equipment by keeping the rain and snow out of the sugar house. Also helps to keep birds and other animals from getting into the stack. These simple covers open and close using two cables or ropes that...