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In the Sugar House

This is nothing like a sugar house filled with the smell of warm wood smoke, steam, and maple aromas, while outside the frost is caking the windows and the snow crunches underfoot. Everything you need for then and there is in here, from RO machines to save time and money, to evaporators, filter presses, storage, and everything in between.

  • Vortex Wood Fired Arches

    Vortex Wood Fired Arches

    This is the most aggressive wood-fired arch in the maple industry, offering you the flexibility to boil at the highest rates available. Or tone it down a bit and be ultra-fuel efficient, the choice is yours. Nothing on the market can match the...

  • MVP Reverse Osmosis Machine

    MVP Reverse Osmosis Machines

    MVP Machines are perfectly sized for the efficient producer. Features Modular Vertical Membranes 1½" Recirculation Ports Efficient Membrane Changing Easy Change Pre-Filter Housing Stainless Steel Wash Tank (except for ECO550) Fully Stainless...

  • Standard Steam Away Unit

    Standard Steam-Aways

    The Steam-Away is a sap pre-heating and evaporation system that can be added to any flue pan or steam pan to increase evaporation rates. Intense testing was done and has shown a 65-75 percent increase in evaporation rates after installation of a...

  • Steam Away

    Enhanced Steam Aways

    The enhanced Steam-Away takes all of the power of the regular version, but we increase the steam pipes from 7 to 12 per V-tray. The Steam-Away is a sap pre-heating and evaporation system that can be added to any flue pan or steam pan to increase...

  • Supreme Pan Traditional Pan

    Boiling Pan for Half Pint

    Choose between two pan styles for the Half Pint evaporator, the Traditional Flat Bottom Pan and the New Supreme Pan.   The Flat Pan is stainless steel, with a tig-welded flat bottom pan and two welded pan partitions with laser cut-flow ports to move...

  • BTU Booster for Half Pint Evaporator

    BTU Booster for Half Pint Evaporator

    Add-on accessory that can be installed quickly, this 120-volt blower increases turbulence in the fire box with a massive amount of air, increasing heating temperatures and evaporation rates.

  • Inferno Wood Fired Arch

    Inferno Wood Fired Arches

    The Inferno wood fired arch features Leader’s forced draft system, installed using the special dome-shaped forced air grates, and properly sized air blowers with speed controls. Combining the forced draft with the special air tight front allows the...

  • Extreme Reverse Osmosis Machine

    Extreme Reverse Osmosis Machines

    Few things can transform a sugaring operation like reverse osmosis (RO). According to scientific studies, RO can reduce energy usage by up to 90% when compared with evaporation alone. The implementation of reverse osmosis can result in profit increases...

  • Polycarbonate Side Tube Unit

    Polycarbonate Sight Level

    This side tubing unit allows you to accurately monitor the liquid level in your pans. Works with both syrup and flue pans. Attaches to bottom of float box, and can be used with any style of evaporator float box with 1/2" hole. Glass has protective...