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In the Sugar House

This is nothing like a sugar house filled with the smell of warm wood smoke, steam, and maple aromas, while outside the frost is caking the windows and the snow crunches underfoot. Everything you need for then and there is in here, from RO machines to save time and money, to evaporators, filter presses, storage, and everything in between.

  • PVC Adaptor for Pop-On Heads

    PVC Adaptor for Pop-On Heads

    PVC adaptors are used to connect your pipeline to the Pop-on Filter Head. Pop-on head has prethreaded NPT of 1½".   For 1.5x1.5" adapter, see Plastic Hose Barb or PVC Schedule 40 Adapter.

  • Pop-on Filter Head Pop-on Filter Head

    Pop-on Filter Head

    The Pop-on Filter Head is used with the pop-on filter bags. This system of filtering sap is very effective for removing debris from the pipeline system.   Pop-on filter systems are usually placed above the storage tank and connected to a pipeline...

  • Side/End Brush for Sap Buckets Side/End Brush for Sap Buckets

    Side/End Brush for Sap Buckets

    The side/end brush was designed to be used with the old bucket washing machines, however they are still incredibly handy for washing buckets by hand.   The brush has very stiff bristles that get all surface matter off the outside and bottom of the...

  • Poly Scrub Brush

    Poly Scrub Brush

    Our Poly Scrub Brushes can be used for cleaning just about anything, from buckets to storage tanks. We offer the Poly Scrub Brush in two lengths: 8½" and 20".   The 20" brush is ideal for deep and/or large items, while the 8½" is...

  • Firing Gloves

    Firing Gloves

    Our firing gloves are essential for protecting your hands when firing your evaporator. Made of leather with a reinforced palm to hold up to the harsh conditions for loading wood into the firebox. The firing gloves are also lined to help insulate your...

  • Hardwood handle for skimmers

    Hardwood Handle for use with Scoop and Skimmer

    Our hardwood handles are made exclusively for Leader Evaporator. This ensures that they will fit in our stainless steel scoops and skimmers every time. The hardwood handles are made in Vermont by a local woodcrafter. They are lathe-turned to include...

  • Skimmer for Maple Syrup Evaporator

    Skimmer for Maple Syrup Evaporator

    Skimmers are an essential tool when boiling down maple sap to maple syrup. As soon as the sap exits the tree, bacteria start to develop. The longer that sap is held before boiling, the more the bacteria is allowed to grow. As sap is boiled down, the heat...

  • Scoop for Maple Syrup Evaporator

    Scoop for Maple Syrup Evaporator

    Our stainless steel scoops are made from the same top quality material as our evaporator pans, and are constructed using the lastest tig welding technology. They have a flat bottom with a handle at 45 degrees so you can go down to the bottom of the pan...

  • Gas Fired Finishing Evaporator Gas Fired Finishing Evaporator

    Gas Fired Finishing Evaporator - 16x34

    Perfect little finishing rig for the small volume producer who wants to sell quality syrup. Sturdy iron, two-burner gas stand with valves and regulator, S/S tig-welded pan, and 1" threaded fitting in bottom. Gas heat is easliy adjusted and can be...

  • Dial Thermometers  for Maple Syrup

    Dial Thermometers for Maple Syrup

    Our brand of dial thermometers have extra large numbers, making them exceptionally readable. Accurate, responsive bi-metal element. Choose the size thermometer that fits your need. Each has a 1/4" male NPT fitting that will thread into any of the 1/4"...