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  • Long-Range Gateway

    Long-Range Gateway

    Communication within the H2O-Smartrek™ system is orchestrated by the long-range gateway. All information and measurements gathered by the different sensors are transmitted to the gateway. It...

  • Mobile Gateway

    Mobile Gateway

    The mobile gateway from H2O-Smartrek™ connects to an Android mobile device and gives you access to all of your network's measurements and information, wherever you are, even in the field. Since...

  • Water Meter

    Water Meter

    These meters can be used as a traditional water meter where the water consumption is read off the face of the meter. They also have the added functionality of being able to connect to the Smartrek...

  • Wireless Remote Control Relay Wireless Remote Control Relay

    Wireless Remote Control Relay

    The remote control relay from H2O-Smartrek™ allows the control of two electrical equipments, either manually or remotely, using a wireless network. The relay is compatible with all electrical...

  • Wireless Repeater

    Wireless Repeater

    The Repeater from H2O-Smartrek™ is used when two sensors are too far apart, or when elevation changes can block radio waves. The repeater takes no measurements. It merely receives and transmits...

  • Wireless Vacuum Sensors

    Wireless Vacuum Sensors

    The highly precise vacuum sensor (0.05 in. Hg) from H2O-Smartrek™ records your vacuum level and allows you to identify leaks. If installed at the end of a main line, the sensor will also record...

  • 10-Foot-Wide Storage Tanks

    10-Foot-Wide Storage Tanks

    These superior quality, round-bottom, 10-foot-wide H20 large storage tanks have a 3-inch drain. Use select menu to see sizes available. High-quality steel structure Drain output Overlapped joints...