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Maple Candy & Cream

  • Sipple Sugar Making Machine Sipple Sugar Making Machine

    Sipple Sugar Making Machine

    Call 802-868-5444 to place your order and organize shipping. Triple your profit on each gallon of syrup by converting it to maple candy. The efficient Sipple Sugar Maker Machine, powered by a gear reduction motor, greatly reduces the labor-intensive job...

  • Maple Cream Machine Maple Cream Machine - closeup

    Maple Cream Machine

    Call 802-868-5444 to place your order and organize shipping. This sturdy, reliable unit makes creaming simple and very profitable for any sugar maker. Large 16" dia. pan and fully adjustable paddles are formed from top quality stainless steel. The...

  • Sipple Boiling Pan

    Sipple Sugar Maker Machine - Extra Boiling Pan

    Extra boiling pan only. With an extra boiling pan you can make twice as much candy. Boil maple syrup down in one and have the other feeding the worm and making candy. Especially handy for holidays, when you just can't seem to make enough.

  • Polder Digital Scale

    Polder Digital Scale

    The perfect small compact scale for weighing the correct amount of maple candy, maple cream, or maple fudge. Range of 0 to 6 pounds and has a tare mode for zeroing out your container. This unit is battery operated and should be setup on a solid level...

  • Plastic Maple Cream Jars

    Maple Cream Plastic Jars

    Our plastic maple cream jars are made by Sugarhill, the same company that provides us with our superior quality plastic jugs. They have created an attractive container to store your precious maple cream. The containers are available in 1/2 lb and 1 lb...

  • Maple Cream Glass Jars

    Maple Cream Glass Jars

    These glass jars feature tight-fitting metal lids. The jars are also designed with straight sides, so your customers will be able to savor every last bite of your maple cream or sugar and keep coming back for more. Available in two sizes, 1/2 lb and 1 lb.

  • Maple Cream Tubs

    Maple Cream Tubs

    These handsome printed tubs are highly visible on any store shelf. The moisture resistant tubs have a snug fitting lid with enough space to accomodate your label. Available in two sizes: 1/2 lb and 1 lb. Sold with lids.