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Containers & Packaging

We offer a wide range of containers to package your maple syrup. This includes glass bottles to show off the beautiful amber color of maple syrup, traditional plastic jugs and also stainless steel and plastic barrels for larger bulk storage options. Add to that a full range of labels and decorative items to make your finished product stand out and get sold.

  • Four-Color Pressure Sensitive Label

    Four-Color Pressure Sensitive Label

    These four-color pressure sensitive labels depict the Leader sugaring scene. It is beautifully colored and enhances the syrup in the bottle. Label reads: "The World's Best All Natural Sweetener – 100% Pure Maple Syrup". Available for 8 oz and 12 oz...

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  • Bellolio Bottles for Maple Syrup - Nip

    Bellolio Bottles for Maple Syrup - Nip

    The Bellolio glass bottle in "nip" size (50ml; 1.7oz) is ideal for samplers and wedding favors. It allows the beauty of the maple syrup to shine through while allowing options for labeling. This bottle comes with a gold-colored plastic cap.

    $1.63 - $3,470.00
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  • Gallone bottle (jug shape)

    Gallone Bottles for Maple Syrup

    The Gallone bottle has a classic old fashioned jug shape that appeals to a wide variety of customers. It has a round base and wide mouth, making it easier to fill than some other options. Available in three sizes. Caps included.

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  • Color Labels for Decanter Bottles

    Color Labels for Decanter Bottles

    These beautiful self-adhesive labels have been specially designed for our decanter bottles. Front label includes all necessary information, and can be ordered for several specific states. Back label includes sugar replacement chart and Nutrition Fact...

    $11.95 - $17.95
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  • Decanter Bottles for Maple Syrup

    Decanter Bottles for Maple Syrup

    The Decanter glass bottle is a hardy standby that is also one of our most popular bottles. It offers an economical choice in glass that requires no sacrifice in appearance or quality. Includes a black plastic flip top cap. Available in two sizes.

  • Self-Adhesive Syrup Grading Labels

    Self-Adhesive Syrup Grading Labels

    These grading labels to reflect the new International Grading Standards adopted in 2014-2015. Attractive maple leaf shape compliments your product, and the colors reflect the respective grades. 500 stickers per roll.

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  • Medallion bottle

    Medallion Bottles for Maple Syrup

    The broad face on the Medallion bottle allows you to beautifully showcase your maple syrup in a relatively small package! Available in 2 sizes. The 50ml bottle is 3-3/8" tall. The 250ml bottle is 4" tall. Caps included.

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  • Marasca Etched  Bottles

    Marasca Etched Bottles for Maple Syrup

    Our etched Marasca bottle is a fantastic bottle to display your fancy, medium or dark maple syrup. The etched tree with maple sap bucket and falling leafs jumps out and gives a very stylish, classy look. A great addition to your bottle line. Available in...

    $5.95 - $2,840.00
  • Maple Leaf  Bottles for Maple Syrup Maple Leaf  Bottles for Maple Syrup

    Maple Leaf Bottles for Maple Syrup

    It's no wonder these bottles are a popular choice for packaging and selling maple syrup. The beautiful design is evocative of the forest and trees from which the syrup arises. Clear bottles show off the delicious color of the syrup. And they make amazing...

    $1.42 - $2,270.00
  • Black cap for maple syrup

    Black Cap, 31.5mm

    The 31.5 mm black cap fits the following bottles:Gallone Glass Bottle, 250 ml (8.45 oz) and 500 ml(16.9 oz)Marasca Glass Bottle, 250 ml (8.45 oz) and 500 ml (16.9 oz)Marasca Etched Glass Bottle, 250 ml (8.45 oz) and 500 ml (16.9 oz)Sold by the each.

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