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Containers & Packaging

We offer a wide range of containers to package your maple syrup. This includes glass bottles to show off the beautiful amber color of maple syrup, traditional plastic jugs and also stainless steel and plastic barrels for larger bulk storage options. Add to that a full range of labels and decorative items to make your finished product stand out and get sold.

  • Hughes Jugs

    Hughes Jugs

    Everyone has been grappling with a jug shortage this year, and both logistics and the price of glass has been impacted by the global pandemic. We have a CLOSEOUT selection of Hughes Jugs being offered exclusively via our website. See if these will meet...

    $1.78 - $3.68
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  • White caps for maple syrup bottles.

    White Caps for Glass Bottles

    The white cap, 24 mm will fit the following bottles:Maple Leaf Glass Bottle, 100 ml (3.4 oz)Maple Leaf Glass Bottle, 250 ml (8.45 oz) The white cap, 28 mm will fit the following bottles:Maple Leaf Glass Bottle, 500 ml (16.9 oz)Maple Leaf Glass Bottle,...

    $0.18 - $0.24
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  • Metal replacement caps

    Metal Cap 38 mm

    This 28 mm metal cap fits the 8 and 12 oz glass bottle with handle. Sold by the each.

  • Gold cap

    Gold Replacement Cap

    Plastic gold cap for use with glass bottles. Features a tamper evident ring. Designed for hot pack method. Available in 18mm, 24mm, and 28mm. The 18 mm will fit the following bottles:Maple Leaf Glass Bottle, 50 ml (1.7 oz)Bellolio Glass Bottle Nip, 50...

    $0.16 - $0.24
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  • Gold shrink wrap top Silver foil top

    Decorative Tops for Glass Bottles

    Our Decorative Tops can be used with all our glass bottles with caps. They truly add a polished look to your finished product. Tops are available in two styles: Foil and Shrink Wrap. This product is sold by the each.

    $0.12 - $0.20
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  • Marasca Bottles for Maple Syrup Marasca Bottles for Maple Syrup

    Marasca Bottles for Maple Syrup

    The Marasca Bottle has tons of possibilities. It is well suited for maple syrup sales in retail outlets because of its compact footprint and clean, straight sides for label application. It is also suited for many other liquid products, from oils to...

    $2.47 - $26.95
  • Jug bottle (nip) for maple syrup

    Jug Bottles for Maple Syrup - Nip

    Perfect sampler sized bottle for inclusion in gift boxes, to offer as corporate gifts, or as impulse buys on the counter of your store, this bottle has an old time feel with the pleasing see-through-ability of glass.

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  • Handle Bottle

    Handle Bottles for Maple Syrup

    The Handle Bottle is one of our most popular bottles.  It is also an economical choice without sacrificing looks or quality. These bottles come with a special printed red metal cap. The cap is printed with a maple leaf and "Maple Syrup"...

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  • Gold Cord for Hang Tags

    Gold Cord for Hang Tags

    This gold elastic cord for hang tags comes with a pre-tied bow. Just fold the cord in half, slide through the hole in the hang tag, pull the cord through and then place over the neck of the bottle. You may need to wrap it around the neck of the bottle...

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