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Boiling & Canning

We offer many unique items to heat and package your maple syrup. We offer gas and electric heating sources. Our units come in a varity of sizes to accomodate all sugarmakers.
  • Thermometers Thermometers

    Dial Thermometers for Maple Syrup

    Our brand of dial thermometers have extra large numbers, making them exceptionally readable. Accurate, responsive bi-metal element. Each has a 1/4" male NPT fitting that will thread into any of the 1/4" thermometer fittings found on stainless steel...

    $52.00 - $75.00
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  • Fill-Stop Dispense Valve

    Fill-Stop Dispense Valve

    This popular valve now includes all stainless steel and food grade valve parts. Newly designed valve control and electrical box components reduce the possibility of overheating. Adjustable probe insures that you can set it and forget it, no need to keep...

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  • Gas Fired Filter and Canning Unit

    Gas-Fired Filter and Canning Unit

    Here is canning units that filters as well as heats your syrup for canning in one easy operation. Sturdy steel stand; valve and burner plus our own stainless steel 16" x 16" pan, filter tray lid and thermometer fitting. 16x16 inch Uses 22" x 30" or 36" x...

    $73.00 - $1,047.00
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  • One Cone Filtering Tank

    One Cone Filter Tank for Maple Syrup

    The one cone filter tank is designed to be used for gravity filtering maple syrup. There are hooks welded inside to accomodate our cone shaped syrup filters. The one cone filter tank comes with a 1/2" female threaded outlet. This unit comes with a cover...

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  • Stainless steel stand for water jacket tanks

    Stainless Steel Stands for Canning Tank

    These stands are specifically designed to fit the 18-gallon and 40-gallon water-jacketed canning tanks. They are constructed completely out of stainless steel. Also have adjustable stainless steel shelf to accomodate a variety of different container...

    $561.00 - $624.00
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  • Candy Thermometer Candy Thermometer

    Taylor Candy Thermometer

    Features: Large, easy-to-read to read temperature zones. Range 100°F to 400°F and 40°C to 200°C. Spirit filled glass thermometer tube. Common candy temperatures etched into casing. Insulated handle...

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  • Two Cone Filter Tank for Maple Syrup

    Two Cone Filter Tank for Maple Syrup

    The two-cone filter tank is designed to be used for gravity filtering maple syrup. It has the requisite number of hooks to hold two syrup filters at the same time. This is an open compartment tank, all the syrup filtered will be combined after filtering...

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  • Vacuum Filler for Glass Bottles Vacuum Filler for Glass Bottles

    Vacuum Filler for Glass Bottles

    Our vacuum filler is our newest and fastest way to fill small containers. The vacuum filler fills nips in less than half the time and all but eliminates the messy and time consuming clean-ups. This unit runs on 110v. Ready to use right out of the box,...

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  • Water Jacket Canning Tank Water Jacket Canning Tank

    Water Jacketed Canning Tanks

    These tig welded units have a double tank. The outside tank is a water jacket with 220 volt heating elements to keep the syrup at 180°F for canning. 55100 18 gal. capacity tank. 1/2" syrup outlet. (Heating element, faucet and stand not included...

    $1,339.00 - $2,835.00
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