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Finish, Package & Sell

No matter how good your syrup or candy is, it does not earn you kudos or dollars by sitting in storage. You need to package your output in a manner in keeping with its quality, and in a way that expresses your hard work and dedication to your craft. The bottles, jugs, candy packaging and accessories here will get you started, and the equipment and tools for bottling and creating value added products will help turn the fruits of your labor into profits.

  • Plastic Maple Leaf Lollipop Molds

    Plastic Maple Leaf Lollipop Molds

    Maple Leaf Lollipops are a great addition to your maple products line. Lollipops are easy to make and have a stable shelf life. These molds are made from plastic and can also be used with chocolate or hard candy.

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  • Stainless steel stand for water jacket tanks

    Stainless Steel Stands for Canning Tank

    These stands are specifically designed to fit the 18-gallon and 40-gallon water-jacketed canning tanks. They are constructed completely out of stainless steel. Also have adjustable stainless steel shelf to accomodate a variety of different container...

    $590.00 - $656.00
  • Cardboard Maple Products for Sale Sign

    Cardboard Maple Products for Sale Sign

    This cardboard sign is a great addition to store displays. Place it in a window to let customers know that your maple products are on display and for sale inside. Also great to put up at your sugarhouse, to let visitors know that the syrup they just...

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  • Painted metal maple syrup for sale signs

    Metal Maple Syrup for Sale Sign

    Our metal signs will last you for years. The core of the sign is aluminum, which is then painted in layers of green, white and red. State names are applied with a vinyl decal. Each sign measures 18" x 24". Sign is printed on both sides so it can be hung...

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  • Sipple Sugar Making Machine Sipple Sugar Making Machine

    Sipple Sugar Making Machine

    Call 802-868-5444 to place your order and organize shipping. Triple your profit on each gallon of syrup by converting it to maple candy. The efficient Sipple Sugar Maker Machine, powered by a gear reduction motor, greatly reduces the labor-intensive job...

    $0.34 - $2,059.00
  • Maple Cream Machine Maple Cream Machine - closeup

    Maple Cream Machine

    Call 802-868-5444 to place your order and organize shipping. This sturdy. reliable unit makes creaming simple and very profitable for any sugar maker. Large 16" dia. pan and fully adjustable paddles are formed from top quality stainless steel. The...

  • Plastic jugs for maple syrup.

    Plastic Jugs for Maple Syrup - 3 Color

    Plastic jugs are an excellent choice for maple syrup that will be shipped. If the carrier drops the package the jug has more flexibility to absorb the shock that other types of containers for maple syrup. Our Sugarhill jugs are printed using the...

    $1.49 - $148.00
  • Sipple Boiling Pan

    Sipple Sugar Maker Machine - Extra Boiling Pan

    Extra boiling pan only. With an extra boiling pan you can make twice as much candy. Boil maple syrup down in one and have the other feeding the worm and making candy. Especially handy for holidays, when you just can't seem to make enough.

  • Polder Digital Scale

    Polder Digital Scale

    The perfect small compact scale for weighing the correct amount of maple candy, maple cream, or maple fudge. Range of 0 to 6 pounds and has a tare mode for zeroing out your container. This unit is battery operated and should be setup on a solid level...

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