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Finish, Package & Sell

No matter how good your syrup or candy is, it does not earn you kudos or dollars by sitting in storage. You need to package your output in a manner in keeping with its quality, and in a way that expresses your hard work and dedication to your craft. The bottles, jugs, candy packaging and accessories here will get you started, and the equipment and tools for bottling and creating value added products will help turn the fruits of your labor into profits.

  • Bellolio Bottles for Maple Syrup - Nip

    Bellolio Bottles for Maple Syrup - Nip

    The Bellolio glass bottle in "nip" size (50ml; 1.7oz) is ideal for samplers and wedding favors. It allows the beauty of the maple syrup to shine through while allowing options for labeling. This bottle comes with a gold-colored plastic cap.

    $1.55 - $140.00
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  • Black cap for maple syrup

    Black Cap, 31.5mm

    The 31.5 mm black cap fits the following bottles:Gallone Glass Bottle, 250 ml (8.45 oz) and 500 ml(16.9 oz)Marasca Glass Bottle, 250 ml (8.45 oz) and 500 ml (16.9 oz)Marasca Etched Glass Bottle, 250 ml (8.45 oz) and 500 ml (16.9 oz)Sold by the each.

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  • Cardboard Maple Products for Sale Sign

    Cardboard Maple Products for Sale Sign

    This cardboard sign is a great addition to store displays. Place it in a window to let customers know that your maple products are on display and for sale inside. Also great to put up at your sugarhouse, to let visitors know that the syrup they just...

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  • Chalet (log cabin) glass bottle

    Chalet Bottles for Maple Syrup

    The Chalet glass bottle actually looks like a cabin! Filled with syrup, this bottle is perfect and will really shine on your shelves. What better way to represent your syrup from the sugarhouse than in a glass "sugarhouse" cabin. This bottle is very...

    $3.40 - $37.25
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  • Color Labels for Decanter Bottles

    Color Labels for Decanter Bottles

    These beautiful self-adhesive labels have been specially designed for our decanter bottles. Front label includes all necessary information, and can be ordered for several specific states. Back label includes sugar replacement chart and Nutrition Fact...

    $11.25 - $16.85
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  • Decanter Bottles for Maple Syrup

    Decanter Bottles for Maple Syrup

    The Decanter glass bottle is a hardy standby that is also one of our most popular bottles. It offers an economical choice in glass that requires no sacrifice in appearance or quality. Includes a black plastic flip top cap. Available in two sizes.

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  • Gold shrink wrap top Silver foil top

    Decorative Tops for Glass Bottles

    Our Decorative Tops can be used with all our glass bottles with caps. They truly add a polished look to your finished product. Tops are available in two styles: Foil and Shrink Wrap. This product is sold by the each.

    $0.00 - $0.19
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  • Drum Pump Air Dispenser

    Drum Pump Air Dispenser

    The Leader Air Operated Drum Dispenser is designed to aid in the transfer of maple syrup from storage drums. The drum dispenser is adjustable to allow pumping down to the bottom of the barrel or from levels above if there is concern for accumulated...

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