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Filtering Syrup and Sap

  • Cartridge Filter Housings

    Cartridge Filter Housings

    These units are made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant thermoplastic. Connections: NPT female. Standard housings have a Buna-N O-ring and four 3/16" dia. mounting holes in the head for easy installation. They also have a pressure release valve to...

    $59.40 - $100.00
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  • Cartridge Filters

    Cartridge Filters

    Purtrex® Cartridge Filters are used extensively in applications requiring long life and low change-out frequency. These all polypropylene filters are made of substantially continuous fibers. High Dirt-Holding Capacity True-graded density captures...

    $3.78 - $6.86
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  • Clear Plastic Filter Press for Maple Syrup Clear Plastic Filter Press for Maple Syrup

    Clear Plastic Filter Press for Maple Syrup

    A filter press is a must-have piece of equipment for sugar makers who pack in glass. Other methods simply don't filter as clearly. See the syrup going through your press and know when the frames are filling, needing to be changed! 7½" Press...

    $999.00 - $3,495.00
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  • Filter Aid

    Filter Aid

    Filter Aid is Food Grade diatomaceous earth pulverized to a white powder. Filter aid acts as an attractant to the mineral particles in maple syrup. The Filter Aid sticks to the minerals and increases their size. The increase in size is what allows the...

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  • Filter Press Hose

    Filter Press Hose

    Our filter press hose is a flexible, smooth, corrosion resistant, non-aging, and non-oxidizing food grade vinyl plastic tubing. It is produced from raw materials meeting FDA standards. It has a 1/4" thick wall that will take the abuse that hot maple...

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  • Filter Press Papers

    Filter Press Papers

    Filter press papers are required to properly operate a filter press. Place one filter press paper between each plate and frame on the filter press. Paper are sold in case lots of 400.

    $1.35 - $115.00
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  • Filter Press Tanks for Maple Syrup

    Filter Press Tanks for Maple Syrup

    Round bottom draw-off tank with open top and outlet on bottom. Mix in your filter aid and run directly to the filter press. Sloped to the outlet for easy draining. All stainless steel construction. Legs have leveling bolts in place. ...

    $470.00 - $500.00
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  • Food Grade Grease

    Food Grade Grease

    Use food grade grease to grease fittings on your filter press gear pump. This multi-purpose food grade grease is temperature rated from -4 to 350º F and comes in a convenient 14-ounce tube. We recommend buying and dedicating a new grease gun for...

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  • One Cone Filtering Tank

    One Cone Filter Tank for Maple Syrup

    The one cone filter tank is designed to be used for gravity filtering maple syrup. There are hooks welded inside to accomodate our cone shaped syrup filters. The one cone filter tank comes with a 1/2" female threaded outlet. This unit comes with a cover...

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  • Pop-on Filter Head Pop-on Filter Head

    Pop-on Filter Head

    The Pop-on Filter Head is used with the pop-on filter bags. This system of filtering sap is very effective for removing debris from the pipeline system.   Pop-on filter systems are usually placed above the storage tank and connected to a pipeline...

  • Pop-on Sap Filter Bag Pop-on Sap Filter Bag

    Pop-on Sap Filter Bag

    Pop-on Filter bags come in two lengths, 17" and 33". Pop-on filter bags must be used with the Pop-on Filter Head if it is to be connected to a pipeline system.

    $9.00 - $12.00
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