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Evaporator Arches

The arch of the maple syrup evaporator is the base of the unit. Within the arch is a large combustion chamber where wood, oil, or gas is burned to createa massive volume of BTU's. The BTU's are then funnelled through the arch to maximize contact with the heating surface of the evaporator pans.
  • Leader Natural Draft Wood Fired Arches

    Leader Natural Draft Wood Fired Arches

    Our natural draft wood-fired arches feature heavy-duty cast iron fronts designed with expansion joints for durability. Our unique “Double V” grate design is the strongest and most warp resistant cast iron grate in the maple industry. All...

    $2,110.00 - $13,785.00
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  • Vortex Wood Fired Arches

    Vortex Wood Fired Arches

    This is the most aggressive wood-fired arch in the maple industry, offering you the flexibility to boil at the highest rates available. Or tone it down a bit and be ultra-fuel efficient, the choice is yours. Nothing on the market can match the...

    $11,955.00 - $29,000.00
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  • Inferno Wood Fired Arch

    Inferno Wood Fired Arches

    The Inferno wood fired arch features Leader’s forced draft system, installed using the special dome-shaped forced air grates, and properly sized air blowers with speed controls. Combining the forced draft with the special air tight front allows the...

    $5,555.00 - $17,690.00
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  • Oil- and Gas-Fired Supreme Arches

    Oil- and Gas-Fired Supreme Arches

    The latest in oil-fired arch technology, this new arch has a whole new look. The front control panel features control switches, indicator lights for burner functions, and a digital oil pressure gauge for monitoring burner performance. The repositioned...

    $4,625.00 - $25,790.00
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  • Air Tight Front Air Tight Front

    Air Tight Front

    Our four-, five-, and six-foot wide insulated air-tight fronts now come with a single-swing insulated door, extra blower, plus duct and rheostat. (No center bar.) Extra 1/20 HP, .77 AMP blower & duct for 4’, 5’, & 6’ models only.

    $1,814.00 - $4,309.00
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  • Leader Forced Draft Units Leader Forced Draft Units

    Leader Forced Draft Units

    The Leader Forced Draft unit will increase your arch's BTU’s 30% to 50% and reduce your wood consumption by 10-20%. The unit can be installed in any wood fired arch. This unit operates on 110 volts. A rheostat is used to control the fan speed, to...

    $545.00 - $3,260.00
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