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Evaporator Accessories

All things you might need to complete your evaporator installation. A maple syrup evaporator can be tailored to fit your desired look, and function with the available accessories like steam hoods, roof jacks, thermometers, etc.
  • Ceramic Pan Gasket Ceramic Pan Gasket

    Ceramic Pan Gaskets

    The ceramic pan gasket is installed between the syrup pan and the flue pan to keep the heat in the arch from escaping between the pans. Our ceramic pan gasket is 4" wide and sold in various lengths.

  • Rail gasket Rail gasket

    Rail Gaskets

    For use between arch rails and pans. Comes in multiple sizes and can be cut with utility knife or utility shears.

  • Cast Iron Leader Style Grates Cast Iron Leader Style Grates

    Cast Iron Leader Style Grates

    The double V style grates allows ash to build in the troughs on top of each grate, to help insulate the cast iron slightly, while the wide openings at the bottom of the V's allow lots of air to flow through the gaps in the grates, and no coals or ashes...

  • Stack thermometer Stack thermometer

    Stack Thermometer

    Accurately tell your stack temperature by installing this dial thermometer at eye level in the base stack. Stack temperature is vital to achieving optimal performance. Reads 200-1000º F.

  • Fire Bricks

    Fire Brick

    Our refractory bricks are rated to 3000º Fahrenheit. And they are available in 2 sizes, full and half. Please refer to your arch's instruction manual to determine how many bricks you will need.   Due to the size and construction of this...

  • Dial Thermometers  for Maple Syrup

    Dial Thermometers for Maple Syrup

    Our brand of dial thermometers have extra large numbers, making them exceptionally readable. Accurate, responsive bi-metal element. Choose the size thermometer that fits your need. Each has a 1/4" male NPT fitting that will thread into any of the 1/4"...

  • Polycarbonate Side Tube Unit

    Polycarbonate Sight Level

    This side tubing unit allows you to accurately monitor the liquid level in your pans. Works with both syrup and flue pans. Attaches to bottom of float box, and can be used with any style of evaporator float box with 1/2" hole. Glass has protective...

  • Carlin Oil Burner

    Carlin Oil Burner

    These Carlin oil burners feature Carlin's adjustable combustion head assembly, for unmatched fuel/air mixing, smooth light-offs and quiet running. The automatically-closed air damper and low-high-low step modulation (approximately 2:1 turndown) improve...