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Cleaning Supplies

A sugarhouse is food production building, therefore it needs to be kept clean. Please see our offerings below to help you keep your sugarhouse the cleanest it can be so your customers will keep coming back for years to come. Maple syrup has a delicate flavor and is suseptible to off flavors if itcomes in contact with odors or flavors.
  • Leader Pan Cleaner

    Leader Pan Cleaner

    Leader Pan Cleaner is very effective at removing mineral scale buildup on stainless steel evaporator pans. Due to chemical shipping restrictions, this product is only available at a Leader store or dealer. Material Safety Data Sheet

    $15.95 - $200.00
  • Green Gloves

    Green Gloves

    These green PVC dipped gloves will keep your hands dry. The liner helps insulate them from heat, when changing filer press plates or cleaning equipment.   One size fits most men.

  • Side/End Brush for Sap Buckets Side/End Brush for Sap Buckets

    Side/End Brush for Sap Buckets

    The side/end brush was designed to be used with the old bucket washing machines, however they are still incredibly handy for washing buckets by hand.   The brush has very stiff bristles that get all surface matter off the outside and bottom of the...

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  • Bucket Brush for Sap Buckets Bucket Brush for Sap Buckets

    Bucket Brush for Sap Buckets

    This large, round brush cleans and fits all buckets. Durable nylon bristles do not shed.   The bucket brush has a solid wood core. The base of the core has expansion slots and a stainless steel band clamp for use with older bucket washing machines...

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  • Poly Scrub Brush

    Poly Scrub Brush

    Our Poly Scrub Brushes can be used for cleaning just about anything, from buckets to storage tanks. We offer the Poly Scrub Brush in two lengths: 8½" and 20".   The 20" brush is ideal for deep and/or large items, while the 8½" is...

    $8.95 - $14.95
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