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Rubber Candy Molds

Rubber Candy Molds

Rubber candy molds are the modern, economical and sanitary method of making a large variety of uniform, eye-appealing, delicious candy as well as cake decorations and novelties. They are especially adaptable to the manufacture of:

~ Maple Sugar and Creams
~ Cordial Fruit Centers

~ Two-tone (layered) Mints
~ Cream Wafers (Peppermint, etc..)
~ Crystallized Mints
~ Fancy Bonbons
~ Patties, Novelties, etc..
~ Fruit and Nut Pieces
~ Remelt Cream Centers
~ Jellies
~ and many more

Large and small candy manufacturers have used our molds for many years.  Even though they were originated for the confectionery manufacturer, in recent years rubber molds are being used more and more by bakers, caterers and school teachers who specialize in home economics and/or candy making.   

Rubber molds are very popular items for resale in party supply outlets, bakery supply houses, gourmet shops, gift shops, hobby shops, and various other retail stores including hardware stores in their housewares section. Some retailers use the party demonstration plan in selling and some use the molds in classes selling and some use the molds in classes teaching cake decorating and candy making. Others simply display them in an appropriate way.