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Small and Hobby Maple Syrup Evaporators (150 taps or less)

A maple syrup evaporator is an open pan over a heat source.  As the maple sap within the pan is boiled, and the steam escapes the sap becomes more concentrated.  Once the sap reaches a density of 66 bricks (66.9 in Vermont) the sap has been transfromed into maple syrup and should be drawn off, filtered and bottled.  Maple sap will reach that density at 7.3 degrees farenheit above the boiling point of water, so approximately 219.5 degrees.  In order to be sure maple syrup should alway be tested with an inspected maple syrup hydrometer, or calibrated refractometer.

Leader Evaporator manufactures small open flat pans for the stove.  Flat pans with petitions for a continuous flow, and multiple pan evaporators.

The arch is a combustion chamber, and base for the evaporator.  The arch can be heated with wood, oil, or gas and is designed to generate high BTU's, and control the flow of heat so that it can be used to heat the pans appropriately.

The flue pan is the back pan on a multiple pan maple syrup evaporator.  These pans have a shallow liquid level controled by a float.  The flue pan has multiple narrow spaces for sap surrounded by heat space that increases the boiling rate  Each flue adds approximately 15 inches of additional heating surface.  In a maple syrup evaporator 75-85 percent of the evaporation takes place within the flue pan.

The syrup pan is the front pan of the evaporator placed directly over the hottest part of the arch.  The flat pan with multiple compartments allows a slower boiling process for the finishing stages of turning maple sap into maple syrup.  The shallow flow of liquid through the pan allows sap to continuously enter from the flue pan, while periodically small batches of syrup can be drawn off as it is finished.

All Leader Evaporators are MADE IN THE USA!