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Tips from 25-Year+ Veterans

Tips from 25-Year+ Veterans

Posted by Leader Crew on Aug 25th 2021

Bill Champagne has been sugaring for 25+ years. We stopped by for a visit to see how he has things set up on his beautiful farm, West View Maple Works, in the town of South Hero.

Bill has about 1100 taps and last year produced about 4.1 lbs of syrup per tap.

In this video, we not only get a full tour of the sugarhouse, but Leader Maple Expert Randy Gaudette gives us a rundown on how the RO machine works, through which Bill processes 1000 gal/hour of sap.

We also learn what peepers have to do with sugaring.


0:39 Front Fire Oil-Fired Arch & 30x8 Evaporator

0:51 Revolution Drop Flue Pans with Hoods

1:32 Steam-Away

2:37 Filter Press Tank

2:46 Filter Press & Gas-Fired Filter & Canning Unit

4:50 300 Gallon Storage Tank

5:16 MVP 1200 Reverse Osmosis

6:50 How the Reverse Osmosis System Works

8:30 Desugaring your RO and why it is important; 

Cleaning 10:26 3 HP Airablo Flood System With Cooler

12:30 Why Bill chose Leader

Music credit: Monte Rosa by Alsever Lake, license via Soundstripe.