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One Way to Pursue A Serious Maple Hobby

One Way to Pursue A Serious Maple Hobby

Posted by Leader Crew on Sep 10th 2021

Russ and Ryan Lavoie have a full-time construction business, so, for them, maple is "just" a hobby, although a pretty serious one.

Russ gives us a tour of their sugar house in Swanton, Vermont, a cozy build they have pulled together almost entirely from leftover materials from their construction jobs.

The brothers' (and their father's) ingenuity is on display throughout the operation, from the unique "sap ladder" they built (with some help from students in a local shop class) to traverse a low-lying woods, to the super-cool wood cart that floats around their sugar house.

Russ also talks about what it means for them to have a long and trusted relationship with Leader, and how they always feel that the Leader team has their back, even though they are not the largest of operations.

What more could a couple of hobbyists ask for?


2:00 Extreme1 RO 

3:10 30"x8' Evaporator + Steam-Away, with Auto Draw Off 

3:50 Lavoie Wood Cart (not for sale!)