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Introducing The New Mini MicRO

Introducing The New Mini MicRO

Posted by Leader Crew on Mar 16th 2022

We are excited to introduce Leader's new 110volt, 8.4amp RO machine. It removes approximately 62% of the water from sap even before you begin boiling, turning sap from 2% to 5.2% sugar in one pass. (We will also offer a recirculation pump to offer increased performance, upping your flow to 35 gallons per hour and increasing Brix to 6.2%.)

The Mini MicRO has a throughput of 31 gallons per hour and is designed for producers under 250 taps. It uses 20-inch membranes that are high flow and easy to use. It includes both a pressure gauge and flow meter, with a concentrate dial for Brix adjustment. Its super quiet operation means you can run it while you talk (quieter than most home appliances)!

We’ve added an auto-shutoff and pump override feature for startup, to prevent malfunctions, and the Mini MicRO will turn off automatically when you run out of sap.

Finally, the machine’s dual carry handle and stainless-steel body are rugged. It is built to be mobile.