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Bullish on Maple?

Bullish on Maple?

Posted by Leader Crew on May 24th 2022

Damian Branon and his family have been sugaring in Vermont for five generations, and they have one of the biggest operations in the state (70,000 taps), with a very compact, efficient operation.

Damian is bullish on the maple market and bought into Leader as a shareholding dealer back in the 1960s. "It's nice to have an American company," he said. "It supports the local economy. It's nice to see the people that work there. You're supporting local families, local people. A lot of them end up being your friends."

We had a pretty quick visit, and Damian only had a few minutes to chat with us. It was, after all, the middle of a very busy sugaring season and he was boiling up 1000 gallons of syrup a day.

Equipment in the video: 6x16 Oil Front-Fired Evaporator with Max Rev Pans

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