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All's Fair in Family and Maple

All's Fair in Family and Maple

Posted by Leader Crew on Oct 12th 2022

The Willey Brothers have two sugar operations, and therefore a healthy maple rivalry... One sugarhouse is in Enosburg, which was featured in our previous video, and in this video we visit the "original" family sugarhouse in nearby Bakersfield.

As the sugarmakers say in the video, it's pretty hard to tour another working sugarhouse during the maple season, which is where these videos come in (this is our last shot during the 2022 season). The Willeys have been sugaring since the 80s and you can hear how their operation was transformed with 3/16 tubing (and RO). And of course you have to learn about "the contraption" that has improved their production by 30 percent!

See how much you can learn by visiting other sugarhouses?

LEADER ITEMS IN THIS VIDEO: 2x6 Wood-Fired Evaporator (Patriot Raised-Flue)

Micro2 Reverse Osmosis

3/16 Tubing and Fittings

Music Credit: Over and Out, by Maor 4BY526ZZ2WK2XJEJ