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A Small, Efficient Sugarhouse

A Small, Efficient Sugarhouse

Posted by Leader Crew on Aug 19th 2021

Leader host Randy Gaudette gives us a tour of a smaller sugar house, Double D Maple in Highgate, Vermont, which serves about 300 trees. Double D is run by two Leader employees, Nate and Matt, and they have an Inferno wood-fired arch and American pans.

Nate and Randy share some tips on temperature monitoring, storage, and filtering. It's also a great look at how a small, efficient sugar house can be set up.


Inferno Arch

American Flue Pan

American Syrup Pan

American Sets of Pans Parts

Stainless Steel Hoods and here too

Dial Thermometers for Maple Syrup

Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Two-Cone Filter Tank

Gas-Fired Canning Unit

Filter Aid

5-Frame Filter Press

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Monte Rosa by Alsever Lake, license via Soundstripe.